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Module 1 Details

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4 weeks




Lesson 1: Lights, Camera, Action!

In this lesson we will start with the most basic principle of acting namely how to relax and breathe correctly. We will then try our hand at physicality on stage/camera and discover the key to doing this believably. The students will choose a monologue which they will be working on for the next 7 weeks. At the end of the lesson, the students will have practically tried and failed and tried and succeeded at doing a few physical exercises on camera.

Lesson 2: What's my Motivation?!

This lesson will elaborate on breathing and incorporate effective voice production. We will then explore our thinking patterns and take a look at how to harness them to add to and not subtract from our performances. By the end of the lesson you will have discovered through trial and error how your thinking influences your monologue performance.

Lesson 3: Given the Circumstances...

This lesson will start off with relaxation exercises to reduce tension in the voice before we move on to your monologues. We will now start analyzing the given circumstances of the scene and explore how they influence the interpretation of the written text. We will read between the lines and discover how this new understanding changes our monologue performance at this stage.

Lesson 4: Magic IF

This lesson we will start off with relaxation exercises for the body and then we will venture into the creative land of the Magic IF. This is the hinge on which most of our character development will hang.

Lesson 5: It's Logical Dear!

Lesson 5 starts off with focusing on the muscles of the face and the articulation organs. We learn to better control them and how to eliminate undue stress. Then we move on to exploring the concept of logic and how it comes to bear on my creative process.

Lesson 6: Don't Fake It Till You Make It

This lesson starts off with warm-up and relaxation exercises and then we explore the emotions behind the words of our monologues until we come up with creative thoughts that enable us to portray them authentically.

Lesson 7: Imagination: Character Acting

In this lesson we warm-up with fun theatre games and then we move on to deepening the attributes of our monologue character with the use of our imagination.

Lesson 8: Genre

After our warm-up in this lesson, we jump back into our monologue and explore the setting and background using our imaginations and the other tools learnt so far. After this lesson and only if you decide to continue to Module 2 will you gain access to upload your final recorded monologues to the Facebook group for alumni and to give and receive feedback.


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