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Course Details

What is Excel? How to open and close Excel and a basic overview of Spreadsheet software. Topics covered in this module include: - Introducing Microsoft Excel - Starting Microsoft Excel - Understanding spreadsheets - Understanding the Excel window - Understanding the workbook window - Using the Ribbon - Using the Quick Access Toolbar - Getting help on Microsoft Excel - Exiting Microsoft Excel - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

1. Introduction & Basics

2. Workbooks & Worksheets

What are Workbooks and Worksheets? How they work and what they assist with. Topics covered in this module include: - Creating and Saving Workbooks - Creating a new workbook - Saving a workbook - Auto-saving your work - Closing a workbook - Opening a workbook - Moving the cell pointer - Moving around a worksheet - Entering text 5 Entering numbers - Entering dates and times - Using the Zoom tool - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

3. Editing Workbooks

How to alter Workbooks and make changes to the data held within them. Topics covered in this module include: - Editing Workbooks - Selecting ranges of cells - Editing cell contents - Clearing cell contents - Copying cell contents - Moving cell contents - Inserting and deleting cells - Inserting columns and rows - Deleting columns and rows - Copying cells with AutoFill - Inserting cell comments - Checking your spelling - Finding and replacing data - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

4. Performing Simple Calculations

How to perform and generate different basic calculations upon data within Workbooks. Topics covered in this module include: - Performing Simple Calculations - Introducing formulae - Totalling columns and rows - Calculating with formulae - Calculating averages - Find the highest & lowest values - Understanding cell referencing - Using explicit values in formulae - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

5. Formatting Worksheets

Changing the format of Worksheets by editing Fonts, Colours and other factors. Topics covered in this module include - Formatting Worksheets - Formatting with font and colour - Formatting numbers - Formatting dates and times - Copying and pasting formatting - Adjusting column widths and row heights - Aligning cell contents - Indenting and rotating cell contents - Merging cells - Adding borders, colour and shading - Using styles - Using document themes - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

6.Previewing & Printing Worksheets

Printing Worksheets and changing options to find the most efficient print formats. Topics covered in this module include: - Previewing and Printing Worksheets - Previewing the worksheet - Preparing pages for printing - Creating headers and footers - Specifying the print area and titles - Controlling page breaks - Printing a worksheet - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

7. Managing Worksheets

How to manage a multitude of similar or related Workbooks to make storing and saving more effective. Topics covered in this module include: - Managing Workbooks - Switching between worksheets - Renaming worksheets - Moving and copying worksheets - Inserting and deleting worksheets - Referencing external data - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

8. Creating Charts

Using data stored in Workbooks and Worksheets to generate a wide array of charts to view data more efficiently. Topics covered in this module include: - Creating Charts - Creating new charts - Moving and resizing charts - Using predefined layouts and styles - Selecting and changing chart elements - Changing the chart type - Adding another data series - Naming data series - Formatting and aligning titles - Controlling gridlines - Controlling axes - Adding borders and colour - Working with 3-D charts - Updating the data series - Previewing and printing charts - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

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