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1. Introduction & Basics

What is Excel? How to open and close Excel and a basic overview of Spreadsheet software. Topics covered in this module include: - Introducing Microsoft Excel - Starting Microsoft Excel - Understanding spreadsheets - Understanding the Excel window - Understanding the workbook window - Using the Ribbon - Using the Quick Access Toolbar - Getting help on Microsoft Excel - Exiting Microsoft Excel - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

2. Workbooks & Worksheets

What are Workbooks and Worksheets? How they work and what they assist with. Topics covered in this module include: - Creating and Saving Workbooks - Creating a new workbook - Saving a workbook - Auto-saving your work - Closing a workbook - Opening a workbook - Moving the cell pointer - Moving around a worksheet - Entering text 5 Entering numbers - Entering dates and times - Using the Zoom tool - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

3. Editing Workbooks

How to alter Workbooks and make changes to the data held within them. Topics covered in this module include: - Editing Workbooks - Selecting ranges of cells - Editing cell contents - Clearing cell contents - Copying cell contents - Moving cell contents - Inserting and deleting cells - Inserting columns and rows - Deleting columns and rows - Copying cells with AutoFill - Inserting cell comments - Checking your spelling - Finding and replacing data - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

4. Performing Simple Calculations

How to perform and generate different basic calculations upon data within Workbooks. Topics covered in this module include: - Performing Simple Calculations - Introducing formulae - Totalling columns and rows - Calculating with formulae - Calculating averages - Find the highest & lowest values - Understanding cell referencing - Using explicit values in formulae - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

5. Formatting Worksheets

Changing the format of Worksheets by editing Fonts, Colours and other factors. Topics covered in this module include - Formatting Worksheets - Formatting with font and colour - Formatting numbers - Formatting dates and times - Copying and pasting formatting - Adjusting column widths and row heights - Aligning cell contents - Indenting and rotating cell contents - Merging cells - Adding borders, colour and shading - Using styles - Using document themes - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

6.Previewing & Printing Worksheets

Printing Worksheets and changing options to find the most efficient print formats. Topics covered in this module include: - Previewing and Printing Worksheets - Previewing the worksheet - Preparing pages for printing - Creating headers and footers - Specifying the print area and titles - Controlling page breaks - Printing a worksheet - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

7. Managing Worksheets

How to manage a multitude of similar or related Workbooks to make storing and saving more effective. Topics covered in this module include: - Managing Workbooks - Switching between worksheets - Renaming worksheets - Moving and copying worksheets - Inserting and deleting worksheets - Referencing external data - Exercise / Solutions - Summary

8. Creating Charts

Using data stored in Workbooks and Worksheets to generate a wide array of charts to view data more efficiently. Topics covered in this module include: - Creating Charts - Creating new charts - Moving and resizing charts - Using predefined layouts and styles - Selecting and changing chart elements - Changing the chart type - Adding another data series - Naming data series - Formatting and aligning titles - Controlling gridlines - Controlling axes - Adding borders and colour - Working with 3-D charts - Updating the data series - Previewing and printing charts - Exercise / Solutions - Summary


I have gained deep insights into one of the most powerful spreadsheets and analytics tools i.e. Microsoft excel, helped me perform well for intermediate and even advanced Excel tests for job application.

A very comprehensive course covering a broad range of formulas and excel functionality...Very detailed and very good.

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