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Graphic Design

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Course Details

Kickstart your course with getting an overview of the graphic design space. Get familiar with the idea of concepts, ideas and thoughts, an understanding of visual relationships that can help you communicate a direct and coherent message. Work your way through the holy trinity of graphic design applications - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.

1. What is Graphic Design

2. Learning the Elements and Principles of Design

In your second graphic design class, you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with developing a ‘designer’s eye’. The key is to understand the building blocks of visual communication. You will know more about the elements and principles of design including value, colour, focal point, rhythm and the theory of gestalt. This class embraces the practicality of applying these elements and principles and thinking like a creative specialist.

3. Logo designing and an introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, world-leading digital illustration application is your starting point. Lesson 3 will investigate one of the first tasks a designer is faced with; logo creation. The process of concept to presentation is known as the design cycle and a thorough breakdown will be given as to how to approach a customer through the design cycle. The lesson will end off with an introduction to working in Adobe Illustrator.

4. Newfound knowledge – getting creative in Adobe Illustrator

In lesson 4, we will differentiate between the different type of images graphic designers deal with daily. You thought you knew all there is about images, but this course will blow your mind with some newfound knowledge. A bulletproof design technique that barely fails will be taught and applied in a practical exercise of Adobe Illustrator. This lesson is sure to get you hooked!

5.Photomanipulation in Adobe Photoshop

There is a difference between a digital and printed image? This lesson will investigate the crucial component of working with pixels. Photoshop demos will make this lesson even more practical and the fundamentals of Photoshop including layers and blending modes will be focused on.

6. Movie poster design in Adobe Photoshop

The golden ratio, rule of thirds and principles of good design will be discussed in lesson 6. The amazing ability of Photoshop will be put to the test when you will be introduced to layer masks. These skills will be put into practice by designing a movie poster. Once you’ve finished lesson 6, you will eat, sleep and speak Photoshop.

7. An introduction to Adobe InDesign

Print is not dead. Getting your files print-ready is a critical part of any designer’s task. Bleeds, cropmarks, colour space and format are the principles that will be explained, and the student will be introduced to the amazing Adobe InDesign; the most powerful layout application.

8. Summary of Print & Pre-Press Basics and InDesign

About 70% of all designs consist of typography – the art of using type in your design. In our last lesson of module 1, you will realize that type is not only a mere communication instrument but will see the potential of using type as a design element. Your audience wants to read your message but with so many other messages screaming for attention, how to do you make your message stand out?

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