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1. Fitness- how do you measure up?

With so much constant and conflicting health and fitness information coming from social media, TV and radio people seem to be more confused than ever about how to stay fit, healthy and full of energy. Unlike any other health and fitness course, these 8 lessons are based on over 20 years of real world personal training techniques and the latest and most up to date information which has helped thousands of people lose weight, tone up, recover from injury and finally learn how to control their body. In lesson 1 we break down exactly what practical fitness is, why it is so important and where all modern fitness came from. We will look at what an ideal balanced healthy lifestyle comprises of so you can have an honest and truthful look at where you may be going right and wrong in your own health. The aim of lesson 1 is to help you to finally understand where to start for you to realistically improve your health and fitness and still live a normal life.

2. Food, Fat Loss and The Bitter Truth

The one single factor that causes people to gain weight or struggle to lose weight is their diet. As the old saying goes “You can’t out train a bad diet.” People’s common misunderstanding of what food is healthy and what food is unhealthy, in no way helped by the media, is what is causing our current worldwide obesity epidemic. For the first time in human history you now have to make a daily conscious and deliberate choice in what you eat to be healthy. This almost makes it impossible not to gain weight. In this lesson we will look at common food myths, Natural food vs Processed food, the causes for over consumption of calories and simplifying how you can easily choose to be healthy every day without having to over analyse your food.

3. Understanding weight loss & weight gain 

The most important factor which determines whether you gain or lose weight is the number of calories you consume on a weekly basis. As the old saying goes “You can’t out train a bad diet.”. In this lesson we look at energy balance, food quality, how these play a vital role in the results you want and why obesity is on the rise worldwide. 

4. Strength/Weight Training

“But won’t weight training make me look too bulky? I don’t want to get too big.” Easily the two most common statements I hear on a daily basis from new gym goers about weight training. The truth is weight training will do the opposite, as opposed to making you look bulky, regular weight training shapes and tones the body’s muscles, is the biggest trigger for fat loss and is easily the most important form of exercise for your bone, muscle and back health. By the end of this lesson you will understand the role weight training plays in shaping the body, burning fat and how hard it actually is to build large amounts of muscle. With this new understanding of arguably the most important type of exercise for the human body you will be super excited to see what your body can do and understand how to apply it in everyday life.

5. Understanding fat loss and body shape

Fat loss is not just about creating a calorie deficit. If you negatively affect your hormones from either over training or lack of fuel, then you will slow and even stop your fat loss. In this lesson you will learn how to properly manage your diet, priorities, and daily habit to optimise your hormone levels along with the importance fat loss plays in body shape.


6. Real World Fat loss and Functional Strength

Losing fat is a very simple process however it requires a very specific and detailed set of steps depending on what your starting body fat is and what percentage you are trying to reach. In today’s lesson we will look in depth at the different approaches you need to follow when reducing your body fat from obese and overweight levels right down to very lean athletic levels. We will also look at the role strength training plays in fat loss and your bodies functional strength, how to properly apply it and the theory of programming a linear strength program.

7. Controlling Your Body Shape

The best thing I can teach you for your own health and fitness is without a doubt helping you to understand and be able to control how your own body works. There are no two people the same and no two bodies which work the exact same. You are completely unique. We all have different genetics, metabolisms, recovery time, calorie needs, response to exercise and we all have hugely different lifestyles. In lesson 5 we start to piece together what we have learned so far and how this new knowledge will help you control your weight, body shape, energy levels and help you plan for the many obstacles that can be barriers to a healthier and fitter you. The confidence of being able to control your body and how you feel, no matter what life throws at you is easily the most rewarding and satisfying lesson in health and fitness.

8. Barriers to getting your results

Even with the perfect knowledge I’ve seen friends, clients and even trainers struggle with their own health and fitness. This is because fitness knowledge and the application of fitness knowledge are quite simply not the only factors that determine success in you achieving your desired results. Family commitments, work, life stress, and lack of enjoyment can easily de-motivate anyone from achieving their results or can even reverse previous results you worked hard to get. In this final lesson of the basic course we look at the barriers and obstacles that can stop you from achieving your desired results, how you can overcome them and some simple tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and excited about your training on a day to day basis.

Over the course of 8 one-hour modules spanning four weeks, students will follow a step by step guide covering the fundamentals of fitness and learn what they are required to do to reach their health and fitness goals.


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Jessica B.

Matthew Leonard

I'm doing the Photograph course and it's amazing!! I'm only 4 lessons in and I've already learned so so much. They break it down really well for everyone to be able to understand. I had no idea I would be learning this much from an Internet course. I would recommend this to everyone what wants to use their camera and get into photography.

Holly G.

I am doing the photography course and I must say it is fantastic. My tutor Tom is very friendly and he takes his time to explain things so that even beginners can understand. The info is broken down into each lesson so that its not too overwhelming. Very enjoyable lessons so far and it has already helped me make improvements to my photography. Look forward to the rest of the lessons and the further improvements these will make to my photography.

I started the Foundation course with Shaw academy on the 4th of January this year, and I can honestly say that it was by far the most rewarding and informative beginning course into photography. The clarity in which everything was explained and the attention to each individual's questions was outstanding! The support team is incredibly professional and patient. I can honestly say without a doubt that I am more confident in my work as a budding photographer and look forward to doing many more courses through Shaw Academy! #SimplyTheBest

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