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Sue G.

As an online nutrition course, it is quite brilliant. What I really liked most about the program was its updated curriculum that covered best practices and industry trends. Not just that, it also had a session on technology and how apps today are vital to keeping us healthy.

The assignments I found to be fun and interesting. My tutor gave me honest and constructive feedback and was always proactive about clearing any number of doubts that I may have had.

Am glad that I took up this challenge. Will be sure to recommend this to people who are looking for similar programs online. Thanks, Shaw Academy for your support.

Stephanie Forrest

I was a total amateur when I started out. Wasn’t even sure if this course was what I was looking for. But after a few classes, I am absolutely sure that I have made the right choice. I was searching for a flexible program because I work full-time. So obviously online was my only way out. This program outlines the exact sequence of what to study and for someone like me, that helps immensely with my planning.

The study material was pretty comprehensive and was regularly updated. Students like me receive continuous support by regular tutorials throughout the course. What more can I ask for?

Nicholas Spandagos

The online nutrition course at Shaw Academy is very well organised. I really enjoyed being taught by experts in the field of nutrition. I particularly found the role of each of the macronutrients and selected micronutrients very interesting.

Even though this was a distance learning course I had no issues keeping myself motivated and willing to complete the diploma.

My guidance counsellors helped me through the duration of the program. I am thinking of topping up this diploma with a degree in the future.

Kudos to Shaw Academy and their team. Keep up the good work.



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